Excerpts from the Policy Note of the Higher Education Department of Government of TN.

Government of Tamil Nadu devotes special attention for strengthening the higher education system in the State to respond to the emerging demands of the new century.  Initiatives of the Tamil Nadu Government will be to focus on consolidating the existing educational facilities and infrastructure and to provide balanced attention towards technological education as well as high quality arts and science programmes. At the same time the needs of the weaker sections of the society including women, rural population, socially and economically backward communities are taken care of.

It is a matter of great satisfaction that the graduates of the technical institutions in Tamil Nadu have shown outstanding performance in the industry, both in India and abroad.  Many of them have become major entrepreneurs.

The State has the second largest intake capacity in the country in engineering and polytechnic education. The intake capacity of engineering colleges has reached the level of 35,230 and that of the polytechnics has reached 47,500.  The policy of the Government is to consolidate this capacity and improve the quality of the output from these institutions, rather than increasing the number of new institutions.  For this purpose, the Government will initiate programmes for upgradation of the engineering curriculum and syllabi at frequent intervals in order to capture the new developments in the technologies of the market place.  The Government will pay special attention to train qualified teachers to meet the critical shortage of teaching faculty in most of the technical institutions. The Government will encourage closer interaction between industries and the educational institutions for their placements during training or after graduation.

In order to introduce complete transparency in admission, this Government has introduced a novel single window system of admission of students to engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu during 1997–98 and streamlined the admission procedure on the basis of merit of the students.  The planning and execution of the single window system of engineering admissions has been successfully executed by the Anna University from the year 1997-98 onwards.  There has been a wholehearted appreciation from the candidates, parents, public and the press.

Traditionally Tamil Nadu has held a pre-eminent position in the world in a number of fields of basic sciences, mathematics, literature and economic sciences.  The scientific contribution of the academics and researchers from Tamil Nadu has received worldwide appreciation.  Their participation in some of the most respected scientific meetings has brought considerable prestige to the State.
At the same time, the Government is aware of the recent declining trend in quality of education in arts and sciences in the country.  Many of the postgraduate programmes in arts and sciences, even in prestigious institutions have failed to attract the brightest students.  This has become a matter of great national concern. Recognizing this trend, the Tamil Nadu Government wishes to undertake special initiatives to maintain its leading role in the field of arts and sciences in the coming years.  For this purpose, special attention will be devoted to revamp and restructure the postgraduate arts and science programmes in the colleges and universities of Tamil Nadu
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